Acronyms List
ABSE - ABSolute Error (shorthand)
AC - Anomaly Correlation
AHPS - Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
AWC - Aviation Weather Center
BSS - Brier Skill Score
CAPS - Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms
CCPA - Climatology-Calibrated Precipitation Analysis
CFS - Climate Forecasting System
CMA - Chinese Meteorological Administration
CONUS - Continental United States
CRP - Continuous Ranked Probability
CRPS - Continuous Ranked Probability Score
ECMWF - European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
EMC - Environmental Modeling Center
EnKF - Ensemble Kalman Filter
EPS - Ensemble Prediction System
ERR - Mean Error (shorthand)
ESAT - Ensemble Situational Awareness Tool
ESRL - Earth Systems Research Laboratory
EUROSIP - European Seasonal-to-Interannual Prediction
EV - Economic Value
EWALL - Electronic Map Wall
FSU - Florida State university
GEFS - Global Ensemble Forecasting System
HFIP - Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project
HREF - High Resolution Ensemble Forecast
JMA - Japan Meteorological Agency
MDL - Meteorological Development Lab
MOGREPS - Met Office Global and Regional Ensemble Prediction System
MOS - Model Output Statistics
MSC - Meteorological Service of Canada
NADM - North American Drought Monitor
NAEFS - North American Ensemble Forecasting System
NARRE-TL - North American Rapid Refresh Ensemble Time Lagged
NCEP - National Centers for Environmental Prediction
NHC - National Hurricane Center
NICC - National Interagency Coordination Center
NOMADS - National Operational Model Archive and Distribution System
NMME - North American Multi-Model Ensemble
NSSL - National Severe Storms Laboratory
NWS - National Weather Service
OPC - Ocean Prediction Center
POAMA - Predictive Ocean Atmosphere Model for Australia
PSD - Physical Science Laboratory
PSU - Penn State University
RAL - Research Applications Laboratory
RMOP - Relative Measure Of Predictability
RMS - Root-Mean Square
ROC - Relative Operating Characteristic
RPSS - Ranked Probability Skill Score
SPC - Storm Prediction Center
SPRD - Spread (shorthand)
SREF - Short-Range Ensemble Forecasting System
SSEO - Storm-Scale Ensemble of Opportunity
SSEF - Storm-Scale Ensemble Forecast
STID - Science and Technology Infusion Division
THORPEX - Tee Observing system Research and Predictability EXperiment
TIGGE - THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble
TTU - Texas Tech University
WPC - Weather Prediction Center
WRF - Weather Research and Forecasting Model
WRH - Western Regional Headquarters
USDM - United States Drought Monitor
UKMET - United Kingdom Met Office