Metrics Glossary

Cyclomatic:The measure of the complexity of a function's decision structure. The cyclomatic complexity is also the number of basis, or independent, paths through a module. Sometimes also called the "McCabe Complexity" after its originator.
For a precise definition see:
NIST Special Publication 500-235 Structured Testing:
A Testing Methodology Using the Cyclomatic Complexity Metric

Declarations: total number of declarations

Essential Complexity: cyclomatic complexity after structured programming constructs have been removed.

Lines: total lines (in a function or file or project)

Lines Blank: total lines without any code/comment

Lines Code: total lines that have any code on them

Lines Comment: total lines that have comments on them

Lines Declarative: total lines that have declarative code on them

Lines Executable: total lines that have executable code on them

Modified: cyclomatic except each case statement is not counted;the entire switch counts as 1

Nesting: maximum nesting level of control constucts (if, while,etc.)

Path Count: Number of unique paths through a body of code (not counting gotos or abnormal exits.

Ratio Comment/Code: comment lines / code lines

Strict: Cyclomatic complexity except each short-circuit operator adds 1 to the complexity.

Strict Modified Essential: essential complexity except short-circuit operators add to complexity and structured case branches do not add to complexity.

Statements executable: total statements in executable code

Statements declarative: total statements in declarative code

Note, code+comment+blank != lines, as some lines might have both code and comment

Units: Number of program units or functions.