Experimental and Parallel Model Runs


This page links to graphics and other data from model experiments for the different branches of the EMC.  In no way do they represent operational forecasts, but we offer them so that meteorologists in the field may give us feedback on the results.  Diagnostic tools are used to analyze the date at EMC, and the results of this analysis are what appear as links below.

Before going to the data, however, we suggest you read the following section, which discusses the experimental process, from how EMC uncovers a problem to the final "parallel" run, performed to remove the final "bugs" prior to operational implementation.

How model changes get tested and implemented

How do we determine what experiments to perform to improved the numerical weather prediction (NWP) model?

Terms typically used for model experiments before model changes become operational include, in roughly chronological order from problem identification to pre-implementation:

Once these steps have been taken there are additional approvals required for NWP model changes to be made operational, at both EMC, NCEP, and NWS headquarters.

A schematic of the full model change cycle can be found here [link will be activated to flowchart "Path to Operations" soon!].



Global Modeling Branch
Mesoscale Modeling Branch
Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch
Climate Modeling Branch


Global Modeling Branch experimental runs:

  • GFS:


    Mesoscale Modeling Branch experimental runs: