Review of the NCEP Production Suite:

December 4-6, 2017


Monday, December 4
Welcome & Review of 2016 NPSR Action Items
Bill Lapenta, Brian Gross, Geoff Manikin, Jeff Craven, Jacob Carley    (recording)
 1010-1035 EMC Reorg / Strategic Overview: B. Gross     (recording)
 1035-1050 Break 
 1050-1125 NCEP Centers Perspective:  SWPC, AWC, CPC, NHC, WPC, OPC, SPC      (recording)
1125-1215 NWS Regional SSD Perspective, Q&A with Centers/Regions       (recording)
1215-1315 Lunch
 1315-1325 Global Atmospheric Modeling Projects:  Tallapragada   (recording)   
1325-1335 Data Assimilation Projects:  D.Kleist       (recording)
1335-1345 CAM Projects:  J. Kain   (recording)
1345-1355 Coupled Modeling Projects:  A. Chawla   (recording)
1355-1405 Verification Projects:  J. Levit    (recording)     
1405-1420 Q&A with Branch Chiefs      (recording)           
 1420-1430 MDL Update:  D. Ruth    (recording)
 1430-1440 NOS Update:  P. Burke    (recording)
 1440-1450 OWP Update:  B. Cosgrove    (recording)
 1450-1505 Q&A with MDL, NOS, OWP    (recording)
 1505-1535 Break 
 1535-1545 Breakout Sessions Introduction    (recording)
 1545-1555 Short-Term Production Suite Plans:  B. Gross     (recording)
 1555-1735 Breakout Session #1 Reports:  Production Suite over the next 3 years     (recording)
Tuesday, December 6
 0830-0845 The STI Roadmap:  H. Tolman         (recording)
 0845-1025 Breakout Session #2 Reports:  Production Suite over the next 3-6 years  (recording)
 1025-1050 Break
1050-1135 AWIPS Presentation & Discussion:  S. Jacobs  (recording)
1135-1205 NBM Project Update + Discussion: J. Craven    (recording)  
 1205-1300 Lunch
 1300-1315 Verification/Products Overview:  J. Levit         (recording)
1315-1455 Breakout Session #3 Reports:  Verification / Product Needs   (recording)
1455-1520 Break
 1520-1540 Results from the NCAR Ensemble:  G. Romine  (recording)
1540-1600 Results from the CLUE experiments:  S. Weiss, A. Clark   (recording)
1600-1640 Open Discussion of Hi-Res Ensemble Results   (recording)
1640-1730 Discussion on Evaluation of Parallels   Manikin, Pyle, Guastini  (recording)
Wednesday, December 7
0900-1045 Breakout Session #4 Reports:  2017 NPSR Follow-on Actions   (recording)
1045-1115 Break
1115-1200 Meeting Wrap-Up