Review of the NCEP Production Suite:

December 7-9, 2015


Monday, December 7
 0915-0930 Message from NCEP Director:  Bill Lapenta    (movie)
 0930-0950 UCACN/UMAC Review Highlights: Richard Rood     (movie)
 0950-1010 Production Suite - Looking Forward:  Hendrik Tolman     (movie)
 1010-1030 Global Weather Modeling:  V. Tallapragada       (movie)
 1030-1100 Break 
 1100-1120 Mesoscale Modeling:  G. DiMego       (movie)
1120-1140 Ocean Modeling:  R. Grumbine         (movie)
 1140-1155 HWRF:  V. Tallapragada       (movie)  
1155-1210 NOS Modeling:  P. Burke         (movie)
1210-1225 Climate Modeling:  S. Saha      (movie)
 1225-1325 Lunch 
1325-1340 MDL Update:  M. Farrar    (movie)     
1340-1400 Storm Prediction Center:  S. Weiss       (movie)           
 1400-1420 Weather Prediction Center:  M. Klein       (movie)
 1420-1440 Ocean Prediction Center:  J. Sienkiewicz       (movie)
 1440-1500 Aviation Weather Center:  B. Schwedler       (movie)
 1500-1530 Break
1530-1550 National Hurricane Center:  E. Blake        (movie)
 1550-1610 Climate Prediction Center:  J. Gottschalck        (movie)
 1610-1630 Space Weather Prediction Center:  G. Millward        (movie)
 1630-1650 National Water Center:  B. Cosgrove   (movie)
Tuesday, December 8
 0830-0850 Eastern Region: K. Johnson         (movie)
 0850-0910 Central Region: J. Craven     Ref Doc   (movie)
0910-0930 Southern Region: G. Patrick    Ref Doc   (movie)
0930-0950 Western Region: T. Alcott        (movie)  
 0950-1010 AK Region: G. Petrescu      (movie)
 1010-1040 Break
1040-1100 Pacific Region:  B. Ward         (movie)
 1100-1120 MEG Review:  G. Manikin         (movie)
1120-1220 Ask the Branch Chiefs:  DiMego, Tallapragada, Grumbine         (movie)
 1220-1320 Lunch
1320-1515 Open Discussion: Future of the Model Production Suite         (movie)
1515-1545 Break
1545-1600 Revising the Implementation Process:  H. Tolman
1600-1700 Panel Discussion: The Future of Evaluating Model Upgrades  (audio)
                       (H. Tolman, G. Manikin, R. Cosgrove, J. Craven, A. Edman)
Wednesday, December 9
 0830-1015 Quick-Hits:  1)  Assimilation of Radar Reflectivity  Data
                      2)  Sfc Ob Issues in the RTMA/URMA   
                      3)  Overview of Observational Data in NCEP Guidance  
                      4)  AWIPS Update  
                      5)  Overview of Microphysics in NCEP Guidance  
                      6)  Hi-Res Guidance Verification   
                      7)  Overview of Precip Type Output

          ** HREF Parameter List from WFOs & Centers **