Review of the NCEP Production Suite:

December 3 - 4, 2013


Tuesday, December 3
 0845-0900 Message from NWS Director:  Louis Uccellini    
 0900-0920 Production Suite Forward to 2020:  Bill Lapenta     (audio)
 0920-0940 Global Weather Modeling & Data Assimilation:  J. Derber       (audio)
 0940-1000 4D En-VAR:  D. Kleist        (audio)  
 1000-1020 Break 
 1020-1050 Climate Prediction Center:  J. Gottschalck        (movie)
 1050-1110 Land Surface:  M. Ek           (movie)       
1110-1130 GEFS and NAEFS:  Y. Zhu      (movie)
1130-1230 GEFS Reforecasts:  Zhu, Gilbert, AlcottHamill, Charles, Workoff, Herr     (movie)
 1230-1330 Lunch 
 1330-1400 Storm Prediction Center:  S. Weiss       (movie)           
 1400-1420 Mesoscale Modeling:  G. DiMego       (movie)
 1420-1440 Rapid Refresh & HRRR:  S. Benjamin       (movie)
 1440-1500 Short Range Ensemble Forecast System:  J. Du       (movie)
1500-1530 Regional Ensembles to 2020:  DiMegoBenjaminKainWeiss   (movie)
 1530-1545 Break
1545-1615 Weather Prediction Center:  W. Hogsett       (movie)
 1615-1645 Aviation Weather Center:  D. Bright       (movie)
 1645-1715 Space Weather Prediction Center:  G. Millward        (movie)
 1715-1745 Wrap Up    Link to White Paper on Mesoscale Probabilistic Prediction
Wednesday, December 4
 0830-0850 National Hurricane Center:  R. Pasch, E. Blake        (movie)
 0850-0920 Regional Hurricane Modeling:  V. Tallapragada        (movie)
 0920-0950 Ocean Prediction Center:  J. Sienkiewicz      (movie)
0950-1010 Ocean Numerical Guidance:  H. Tolman        (movie)  
 1015-1045 Break
 1045-1105 Wave Numerical Guidance:  A. Chawla         (movie)
 1105-1125 NOS Coastal Modeling:  J. Feyen         (movie)
 1125-1230 Data Dissemination -            (movie)
    L. Cano:  Status & Plans for IDP & Their Impact on Field Ops       
    B. Meisner:  Challenge of Logistics in the Field                                    
    NCO:  Challenge of Ops Logistics to/from NCEP                             
    S. Schotz:  Status of Distribution Alternatives                                  
    E. Mandel: Adding Data Products to AWIPS & SBN                       
 1300-1330 Lunch
1330-1350 MDL Accomplishments & Plans:  S. Smith    (movie)
 1350-1445 Regional Issues -       (movie)
    Western Region: T. Alcott                Alaska Region:  R. Thoman  
    MKX SOO:    J. Craven          
1445-1515 Open Discussion for Regions
1515-1540 Break
1540-1600 Private Sector Forum -      First Energy Corp:  B. Kolts   (movie)
 1600-1700 Open Discussion, Recap Action Items and Wrap Up