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NOAA Environmental Modeling System


There are several files that contain output from the various NEMS regression tests some of which contain GRIB files. To convert GRIB files to GrADS-readable format, start in the directory in which your GRIB files are located. Submit the following commands to convert your GRIB file to a GrADS index file (*.idx) and a GrADS readable file (*.ctl). It may be wise to set up an alias in your .bashrc file for grib2ctl:

'/u/Wesley.Ebisuzaki/bin/ your.grib.file > newfile.ctl'
'gribmap -E -i newfile.ctl'

Where your.grib.file = GFSPRS.GrbF06 (or something similar) and newfile.ctl = your new GrADS readable filename. You should now be able to view your NEMS GFS output in GrADS.

Click on any output type below to display output information. The resulting lists show basic information about the output variables. More information can be found in the individual output files.

Output from NMM-B restart (nmm_b_restart*.ctl) files:

The nmm_b_restart*.ctl files include the majority of the variables listed for the nmm_b_history*.ctl files, in addition to the following variables.

0D integer (scalar):

last_step_movedLast time step when a movable nest's position was movednsoilNumber of soil layers
lpt2Number of pressure layersntscmNext timestep the moving children move
nmtsNext move timestep of a moving nest

0D real (scalar):

sbdDegrees from center of domain to southern boundarywbdDegrees from center of domain to western boundary

1D real:

mp_restartContents of Ferrier-based microphysics look up tables needed if restarting the model runtbpvs_statSaturation vapor pressure tables for water (>=0C) and ice (<0C)
sgmSigma at interfacestbpvs0_staSaturation vapor pressure tables for water (all temperatures)

2D real:

akhsSurface exchange coefficient T and q divided by delta Z (m/s)htopTop model layer of convective cloud for radiation
akmsSurface exchange coefficient momentum divided by delta Z (m/s)pdoPrevious pressure difference, sigma range (Pa)
fCoriolis parameter (1/s)rmolReciprocal of Monin-Obukhov length (1/m)
hbotBottom model layer of convective cloud for radiationrswtoaShortwave at top of atmosphere (W/m^2)
hdacvxLateral diffusion V coefficient in Xt2Temperature 2m (K)
hdacvyLateral diffusion V coefficient in YtskinSkin temperature (K)
hdacxLateral diffusion H coefficient in Xz0baseBackground roughness length (m)
hdacyLateral diffusion H coefficient in Y

3D real:

divHorizontal mass divergencetcvTime change of V (m/s^2)
psgdtSpecific volume (m^3/kg)toldOld temperature before convection, microphysics (K)
rtopRT/P, specific volume (m^3/kg)tpSensible temperature, previous step (K)
tadjTemperature adjustments by convection, microphysics (K)upU wind component, previous step (m/s)
tctTime change of T (K/s)vpV wind component, previous step (m/s)
tcuTime change of U (m/s^2)zHeight at midlayers (m)

4D real:

tracersAll tracer variables
tracers_prevPrevious step tracers