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Post Output from NEMS

This page will provide the information you need to successfully process NEMS Post output into Grib and GrADS readable files (primarily for GFS). Currently, there are two ways this can be done, via an external NEMS Post script or by running NEMS Post on the quilt. Instructions for both methods are provided below.

How to Run NEMS Post via external script on WCOSS machines (Tide/Gyre)

On WCOSS machines, these directions assume the NEMS GFS has already been run and output has been placed in /ptmp/Firstname.Lastname/RT_*/*.

1. Copy /gpfs/gd1(or td1)/emc/nems/save/Nicole.McKee/utils/ and bsub_post to your own working directory. is the script to process NEMS GFS output into GRIB format and bsub_post submits

2. Make the following changes so the scripts will run properly with your own directories:

In bsub_post:

Line #


Changes To Make

What Does It Do?

3, 4, 15/ptmp/Nicole.McKee/post/...Change 'Nicole.McKee' to your userid.Involved with writing post.err and post.out files.
49export RUNDIR=$prefix/nems/save/Nicole.McKee/utilsChange'Nicole.McKee' to your userid.Points to the directory in which you have your run script.


Line #


Changes To Make

What Does It Do?

26/27export allfhr=Specify forecast hour (hh). Use line 26 for multiple hours, line 27 for a single hour.Selects the forecast hour(s) to process.
36export NEWDATE=Set the date of your output files (yymmdd${fhr}).Specify the file date to process.
44export DATA=Specify the directory in which your output is located.Moves to the directory specified.
47export POST_GRIBVERSION=Set to either 'grib1' or 'grib2'.Tells the script what format the incoming files are in. Currently, only grib1 is available.
51sigioIf processing nemsio files, change the 'sigio' to 'binarynemsio'.Tells the script to process either sigio/sfcio or nemsio files.

3. Submit to LSF after making the necessary changes as specified in the previous table using the command:

'bsub < bsub_post > /dev/null'

Output will be in GRIB format (e.g. GFSPRS.GrbF06).

4. Convert GRIB files to GrADS readable files:

In the directory in which your new GRIB files are located, submit the following commands to convert your GRIB file to a GrADS index file (*.idx) and a GrADS readable file (*.ctl). It may be wise to set up an alias in your .bashrc file for grib2ctl:

'/u/Wesley.Ebisuzaki/bin/ your.grib.file > newfile.ctl'
'gribmap -E -i newfile.ctl'

Where your.grib.file = GFSPRS.GrbF06 (or something similar) and newfile.ctl = your new GrADS readable filename.

You should now be able to view your NEMS GFS output in GrADS. For more information about the output fields, please reference the 'Output' section.

How to Run NEMS Post on quilt on WCOSS (Tide/Gyre) (Coming Soon)

Questions or comments about GFS post? Please contact Hui-ya Chuang.