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March 5, 2009 Meeting Summary

There were no scheduled presentations for this meeting, so everyone present gave a brief summary of his/her current work.

Qingfu Liu mentioned his work on the storm size issue related to H209 results for Hurricane Bertha. Currently, the storm size produced by H209, defined as the observed radius of maximum wind divided by the average of the observed radius of max wind minus the model radius of max wind, is 0.6 to 0.85 larger than observations. This issue could be due to the model resolution or physical processes/scaling parameters. It was suggested that Qingfu look into the scaling issue and work on this topic is ongoing.

Zhan Zhang gave an update on his work running the high-resolution version of HWRF (using 15 and 5km res) on Cirrus. His plans are to run Fay, but HPSS issues on Cirrus are hindering his progress. Currently, he is running the HWRF for Fay (non hi-res) on P6 for comparison to P5 results. He also stated that HYCOM will be used for the hi-res HWRF runs because they will require the restart option.

Yihua Wu said he is running the HWRF for Gustav to test the LSM effects. His results showed that the model produced too much rain due to a bad track. His upcoming runs include Hanna (as it moved along the East coast), Dean (as it moved across the Yucatan Peninsula), and Fay (as it moved across the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba before approaching Florida).

Mingjing Tong described how she had set up her experiments on Cirrus with the new GSI which uses vertical velocity as the control variable. She planned on making new runs for two cases to assess what kind of an impact only using radar data (and not Qingfu's initialization) had on storm size and position. This is all in preparation for the summer parallel using aircraft and dropsonde data.

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