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January 22, 2009 Meeting Summary

Vijay Tallapragada gave an update on the status of HWRF T&E for the 2009 implementation. Functionality testing was performed on the 2009 integrated HWRF, which includes the choice of using either HWRF with POM or HWRF with HYCOM and 3 variables controlled from outside the model: the new initialization, new GSI and/or gravity wave drag (GWD). So far, all the combinations are functional with the exception of HWRF with HYCOM and GWD. Work on this option is currently underway and will be completed shortly. The plan for pre-implementation testing includes using the HWRF with the following defaults: YES for new initialization, YES for new GSI, TRUE for GWD, and POM for ocean model. The HWRF "Benchmark" cases will be included in the testing plan along with the 2008 Atlantic and East Pacific hurricanes. Once the final version of HWRF is successfully running, it will be transferred to Cirrus (Power 6) and tested to make sure it successfully runs and produces similar results to those obtained by running the HWRF on Dew. In addition, the GFS data used when the HWRF is run will also be put on Cirrus, space permitting. As testing is completed, the GFS data will be removed from Cirrus for the completed storms to free up disk space. Testing of the HWRF is tentatively scheduled to begin, Monday, January 26 and includes 162 forecasts from the "Benchmark" cases (with verification at 00Z and 12Z), 364 forecasts from the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season and 296 forecasts from the 2008 East Pacific hurricane season (each with verification for all cycles). Testing is anticipated to take 4-5 weeks and will be independent of HPSS, with the exception of archiving.

In the meeting Isaac Ginis mentioned using a new pressure-wind relationship in the HWRF that might lead to improved HWRF surface pressure values in high winds. He also mentioned looking into Powell's work on this, as was also mentioned in a previous presentation by Qingfu Liu. It was decided that work on this topic could not be included in the 2009 HWRF due to time constraints but could be added for 2010.

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