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Upcoming Implementations:



Q1FY15 GSM v12.0.0 - released August 4th, 2014 - scheduled implementation November 2014

  • Upgrade from current operational T574 Eulerian (~23km) to T1534 Semi-Lagrangian (~13km)
  • Use high resolution daily RGT SST instead of weekly OI SST, and use daily sea ice analysis
  • Extend high resolution forecast from 8 days to 10 days
  • Use McICA radiation approximation
  • Reduced drag coefficient at high wind speeds
  • Hybrid EDMF PBL scheme and TKE dissipative heating
  • Retuned ice and water cloud conversion rates, background diffusion of momentum and heat
  • Retuned orographic gravity-wave forcing and mountain block, etc.
  • Change from Lagrangian to Hermite interpolation in the vertical to reduce stratospheric temperature cold bias
  • Restructured physics and dynamics restart fields and updated sigio library
  • Consistent diagnosis of snow accumulation in post and model
  • Compute and output frozen precipitation fraction
  • Divergence damping in the stratosphere to reduce noise
  • Added a tracer fixer for maintaining global column ozone mass
  • Stationary convective gravity wave drag
  • New blended snow analysis to reduce reliance on AFWA snow
  • Changes to treatment of lake ice to remove unfrozen lake in winter
  • Modified initialization to reduce a sharp decrease in cloud water in the first model time step
  • Correct a bug in the condensation calculation after the digital filter is applied
  • Accumulation bucket changed from 12 hour to 6 hour between day 8 and day 10
  • Land Surface changes
    • Replace Bucket soil moisture climatology by CFS/GLDAS
    • Add the vegetation dependence to the ratio of the thermal and momentum roughness
    • Fixed a momentum roughness issue

Read the full release notes here for GSM v12.0.0

Also see GSI and EnKF release notes for upcoming implemention:
GSI v5.0.0
EnKF v2.0.1
Q1FY16 Global Model Upgrade (Click to read more)

Previous Implementations:



2012090512 Correction to Land Surface Model in Global Forecast System and associated cool and moist bias in near surface temperature and moisture fields (Click to read more)
2012052212 Hybrid EnKF - 3DVar GSI data assimilation (Click to read more)
2011050914 GFS 9.0.1 (Click to read more)
2010072712 T574 W/ NEW PHYSICS - July 27th 2010 (Click to read more)