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Global configuration file variables and their descriptions:

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Below is a list of the groups and their definitions:
Analysis step
Angle update step
Archive step
Averaging step
Computing variables
Copy step
Data dump step
Hybrid EnKF steps
Forecast step
User, experiment setup, and other general parallel system variables
Post processing step
Pre-processing (prep) step
Tracker scripts, within verification step
Verification step
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ACCOUNTGENERALLoadLeveler account, i.e. GFS-MTN
adiabFCSTDebugging, true=run adiabatically
AERODIRFCSTDirectory, usually set to $FIX_RAD, see $FIX_RAD
AIRSBFANALNaming convention for AIRSBF data file
ALISTGENERALExtra set of files to be added to rlist if ARCHIVE=YES; used only if rlist is being generated on the fly in this step; done in
AM_EXECFCSTAtmospheric model executable
AMSREBFANALAMSR/E bufr radiance dataset
ANALSHANALAnalysis job script, usually ""
ANALYSISSHANALAnalysis driver script
ANAVINFOANALText files containing information about the state, control, and meteorological variables used in the GSI analysis
ANGUPDATESHANGUAngle update script
ANGUPDATEXECANGUAngle update executable
ANISO_A_ENENKFTRUE = use anisotropic localization of hybrid ensemble control variable a_en
anltypeANALAnalysis type (gfs or gdas) for verification (default=gfs)
ApercentFCSTFor idvc=3, 100: sigma-p, 0: pure-theta
append_rlistGENERALLocation of append_rlist (comment out if not using)
AQCXPREPPrep step executable
ARCA00GDASARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCA files for 00Z cycle GDAS
ARCA00GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCA files for 00Z cycle GFS
ARCA06GDASARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCA files for 06Z cycle GDAS
ARCA06GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCA files for 06Z cycle GFS
ARCA12GDASARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCA files for 12Z cycle GDAS
ARCA12GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCA files for 12Z cycle GFS
ARCA18GDASARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCA files for 18Z cycle GDAS
ARCA18GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCA files for 18Z cycle GFS
ARCB00GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCB files for 00Z cycle GFS
ARCB06GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCB files for 06Z cycle GFS
ARCB12GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCB files for 12Z cycle GFS
ARCB18GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCB files for 18Z cycle GFS
ARCC00GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCC files for 00Z cycle GFS
ARCC06GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCC files for 06Z cycle GFS
ARCC12GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCC files for 12Z cycle GFS
ARCC18GFSARCHPoints to HPSS file name for ARCC files for 18Z cycle GFS
ARCDIRARCHLocation of online archive
ARCDIR1ARCHOnline archive directory
ARCH_TO_HPSSARCHMake hpss archive
ARCHCOPYARCHIf yes then copy select files (ARCR and ARCO in rlist) to online archive
ARCHDAYARCHDays to delay online archive step
ARCHIVEARCHMake online archive
ARCHSCPARCHIf yes & user glopara, scp all files for this cycle to alternate machine
ARCHSCPTOARCHRemote system to receive scp'd data (mist->dew, dew->mist)
ARCHSHARCHArchive script
ASYM_GODASANALFor asymmetric godas (default=NO)
ATARDIRARCHHPSS tape archive directory
ATARFILEARCHHPSS tape archive tarball file name, $ATARDIR/\$ADAY.tar
AVG_FCSTFCSTTime average forecast output files
AVRG_ALLAVRGTo submit averaging and archiving scripts; this should be set to 'YES' - valid for reanalysis
AVRGALLSHAVRGScript location
B1AMUAANALLocation and naming convention of B1AMUA data file
B1HRS4ANALLocation and naming convention of B1HRS4 data file
B1MHSANALLocation and naming convention of B1MHS data file
BERRORANALLocation and naming convention of BERROR files
beta1_invENKF1/beta1 = the weight given to static background error covariance
BUFRLISTPREPBUFR data types to use
C_EXECFCSTCoupler executable
CAT_FLX_TO_PGBPOSTCat flx file to pgb files (only works for ncep post and IDRT=0)
ccnormFCSTAssumes all cloud water is inside cloud (true), operation (false)
CCPOSTPOSTTo run concurrent post
ccwfFCSTCloud water function, ras, 1: high res, 2: T62
CDATEGENERALDate of run cycle (YYYMMDDCC), where CC is the forecast cycle, e.g. 00, 06, 12, 18
CDATE_SKIPANALLDAS modified sfc files not used before this date; must be >24 hours from the start
CDFNLVRFYSCORES verification against selected dump, pgbanl.gdas or pgbanl.gfs
CDUMPGENERALDump name (gfs or gdas)
CDUMPFCSTPREPFits-to-obs against gdas or gfs prep
CDUMPPREPPREPPrep dump to be used in prepqfit
CFSRDMPDUMPLocation of CFS/climate dump archive
CFSRR_ARCHARCHScript location
CFSV2FCSTCFS switch, YES=run CFS version 2
ch1FCST & POSTHours in gdas fcst1 & post1 job wall-clock-limit [hours:minutes:seconds] (see reconcile script)
ch2FCST & POSTSame as ch1 but for segment 2
chaANALAnalysis wall time; hours in job wall-clock-limit [hours:minutes:seconds] (see reconcile script)
CHG_LDASANALTo bring in new vegtyp table to LDAS
CHGRESEXECGENERALChgres executable location
CHGRESSHGENERALChgres script location
CHGRESTHREADGENERALNumber of threads for chgres (change resolution)
climateFCSTCFS variable, grib issue
CLIMO_FIELDS_OPTFCSTInterpolate veg type, soil type, and slope type from inputgrid, all others from sfcsub.f, 3: to coldstart higher resolution run
cm1FCST & POSTMinutes in gdas fcst1 & post1 job wall-clock-limit [hours:minutes:seconds] (see reconcile script)
cm2FCST & POSTSame as cm1 but for segment 2
cmaANALAnalysis wall time; minutes in job wall-clock-limit [hours:minutes:seconds] (see reconcile script)
cmapdlGENERALCmap dump location in $COMDMP
cmbDysPrf4ANALGODAS executable
cmbDysPrfs4ANALGODAS executable
CO2_seasonal_cycleFCSTCO2 seasonal cycle; global_co2monthlycyc1976_YYYY.txt
CO2DIRFCSTDirectory with CO2 files
COMCOPGENERALLocation where looks for production (or alternate) files
COMDAYGENERALDirectory to store experiment "dayfile" output (dayfile contains stdout & stderr), see $COMROT
COMDMPGENERALLocation of key production (or alternate) files (observation data files, surface boundary files)
COMROTGENERALExperiment rotating/working directory, for large data and output files
COMROTTMPGENERALIf set, replaces config value of $COMROT (protects COMROT, or to define COMROT with variables evaluated at runtime)
CONFIGGENERALConfiguration file name
CONVINFOANALLocation of convinfo.txt file, conventional data
COPYGBGENERALLocation of copygb utility
COUP_FCSTFCSTNO: AM model only, YES: coupled A-O forecast (default=NO)
COUP_GFSFCSTYES: run coupled GFS forecast
CQCXPREPPrep executable
crtrhFCSTFor Zhao microphysics, if zhao_mic is .false., then for Ferrier-Moorthi microphysics
cs1FCST & POSTSeconds in gdas fcst1 & post1 job wall-clock-limit [hours:minutes:seconds] (see reconcile script)
cs2FCST & POSTSame as cs1 but for segment 2
csaANALAnalysis wall time; seconds in job wall-clock-limit [hours:minutes:seconds] (see reconcile script)
CSTEPGENERALStep name (e.g. prep, anal, fcst2, post1, etc.)
ctei_rmFCSTCloud top entrainment instability criterion, mstrat=true
CTL_ANLPOSTParameter file for grib output
CTL_FCSPOSTParameter file for grib output
CTL_FCS_D3DPOSTParameter file for grib output
CUE2RUNCOMPUser queue variable; LoadLeveler class for parallel jobs (i.e. dev)
CUE2RUN1COMPSimilar to $CUE2RUN but alternate queue
CUE2RUN3COMPSimilar to $CUE2RUN but alternate queue
CYCLEXECGENERALExecutable location
CYINCGENERALVariable used to decrement GDATE {06}
DATATMPGENERALWorking directory for current job
DELTIMFCSTTime step (seconds) for segment 1
DELTIM2FCSTTime step (seconds) for segment 2
DELTIM3FCSTTime step (seconds) for segment 3
DELTIM_EFCSENKFTime step for ensemble forecast
diagtablePREPOcean and ice diagnostic file
diagtable_1dyPREPOceanand ice diagnostic file
diagtable_1hrPREPOcean and ice diagnostic file
diagtable_3hrPREPOcean and ice diagnostic file
diagtable_6hrPREPOcean and ice diagnostic file
diagtable_hrsPREPOcean and ice diagnostic file
diagtable_longPREPOcean and ice diagnostic file
dlqfFCSTFraction of cloud water removed as parcel ascends
DMPDIRDUMPDump directory location
DMPEXPDUMPDump directory location, gdasy/gfsy
DMPOPRDUMPDump directory location
DO_RELOCATEPREPSwitch; to perform relocation or not
DO2ANLANALDo second analysis run, depends on value of CDFNL
DODUMPDUMPFor running in real-time, whether or not to run the dump step
DOENKFENKFYES = turns on EnKF script processing
DOHYBVARENKFYES = tells analysis step to use ensemble background error products from previous cycle
DSDUMPDUMPCFS dump directory
dt_aocplFCSTCoupler timestep
dt_cpldFCSTCoupled timestep
dt_oceanFCSTOcean timestep
dt_rstrtFCSTOM restart writing interval/timestep (small)
dt_rstrt_longFCSTOM restart writing interval/timestep (long)
DumpshDUMPDump script location and name
EDATEGENERALAnalysis/forecast cycle end date - must be >CDATE; analysis/forecast cycle ending date (YYYYMMDDCC, where CC is the cycle)
EDUMPGENERALCycle ending dump (gdas or gfs)
EMISDIRFCSTDirectory, usually set to $FIX_RAD, see $FIX_RAD
ENS_NUM_ANALENKFNumber of ensemble members
ENS_NUM_ENKFENKFNumber of ensemble members
ENTHALPYFCSTControl the chgres and nceppost (default=NO)
ESTEPGENERALCycle ending step; stop experiment when this step is reached for $EDATE; this step is not run
EXEC_AMDFCSTAtmospheric model directory
EXEC_CDFCSTCoupler directory
EXEC_OMDFCSTOcean model directory
EXECcfsFCSTCFS executable directory location
EXECDIRGENERALExecutable directory (typically underneath HOMEDIR)
execdir_godasprepPREPGODAS prep executable directory, see $EXECDIR
EXECICEFCSTSea ice executable directory, see $EXECDIR
EXPDIRGENERALExperiment directory under /save, where your configuration file, rlist, runlog, and other experiment scripts reside
FAISSFCSTScale in days to relax to sea ice to climatology
fbak2FCSTBack up time for 2nd segment
fbak3FCSTBack up time for 3rd segment
FCSTEXECDIRFCSTLocation of forecast executable directory (usually set to $EXECDIR)
FCSTEXECTMPFCSTLocation and name of forecast executable
FCSTSHFCSTForecast script name and location
FCSTVARSFCSTGroup of select forecast variables and their values
fcycFCSTSurface cycle calling interval
fdfi_1FCSTDigital filter time for AM 1st segment (default=3)
fdfi_2FCSTRun digital filter for 2nd segment (default=0)
fdumpVRFYVerifying forecasts from gfs: GFS analysis or gdas: GDAS analysis
FH_END_POSTPOSTImplying use FHMAX (defaul=99999)
FH_STRT_POSTPOSTImplying to use FHINI or from file $COMROT/FHREST.$CDUMP.$CDATE.$nknd (default=99999)
FHCYCFCSTCycling frequency in hours
FHDFIFCSTInitialization window in hours (if =0, no digital filter; if =3, window is +/- 3hrs)
FHGOC3DFCSTHour up to which data is needed to force offline GOCART to write out data
FHINIFCSTInitial forecast hour
FHLWRFCSTLW radiation calling interval (hrs); longwave frequency in hours
FHMAXFCSTMaximum forecast hour
FHMAX_HFFCSTHigh-frequency output maximum hours; for hurricane track, gfs fcst only for 126-hr is needed
FHOUTFCSTOutput frequency in hours
FHOUT_HFFCSTHigh frequency output interval in hours; for hurricane track, gfs fcst only for 126-hr is needed
FHRESFCSTRestart frequency in hours
FHROTFCSTForecast hour to Read One Time level
FHSTRTFCSTTo restart a forecast from a selected hour, default=9999999
FHSWRFCSTSW radiation calling interval (hrs); frequency of solar radiation and convective cloud (hours)
FHZERFCSTZeroing frequency in hours
FIT_DIRVRFYDirectory for SAVEFITS output
FIX_LISPREPLocation of land model fix files
FIX_OCNPREPLocation of ocean model fix files
FIX_RADPREPFix directory, usually set to $FIXGLOBAL
FIXDIRPREPFix file directory
FIXGLOBALPREPAtmospheric model fix file directory
flgminFCSTMinimum large ice fraction
fmax1FCSTMaximum forecast hour in 1st segment (default=192 hrs)
fmax2FCSTMaximum forecast hour in 2nd segment (default=384 hrs)
fmax3FCSTMaximum forecast hour in 3rd segment (default=540 hrs)
FNAISCFCSTCFS monthly ice data file
FNMASKFCSTGlobal slmask data file, also see $SLMASK
FNOROGFCSTGlobal orography data file
FNTSFCFCSTCFS oi2sst data file
FNVEGCFCSTCFS vegfrac data file
FNVETCFCSTGlobal vegetable type grib file
FORECASTSHFCSTForecast script name and location
fout_aFCSTGDAS forecast output frequency (default=3); used when gdas_fh is not defined (i.e. no long gdas fcst)
fout1FCSTGFS sig, sfc, flx output frequency for 1st segment (default=3 hr)
fout2FCSTGFS sig, sfc, flx output frequency for 2nd segment (default=3 hr)
fout3FCSTGFS sig, sfc, flx output frequency for 3rd segment (default=3 hr)
foutpgb1POSTNCEPPOST pgb frequency for 1st segment (default=fout1)
foutpgb2POSTNCEPPOST pgb frequency for 2nd segment (default=fout1)
foutpgb3POSTNCEPPOST pgb frequency for 3rd segment (default=fout1)
fres1FCSTInterval for restart write, 1st segment (default=24 hr)
fres2FCSTInterval for restart write, 2nd segment (default=24 hr)
fres3FCSTInterval to write restart for 3rd segment (default=fres2)
fsegFCSTNumber of AM forecast segments; maximum=3 (default=1)
FSNOLFCSTScale in days to relax to snow to climatology
FTSFSFCSTScale in days to relax to SST anomaly to zero
fzer1FCSTGFS output zeroing interval for 1st segment (default=6 hr)
fzer2FCSTGFS output zeroing interval for 2nd segment (default=6 hr)
fzer3FCSTGFS output zeroing interval for 3rd segment (default=6 hr)
G3DPSHANALG3DP script name and location
gdas_cycFCSTNumber of GDAS cycles
gdas_fhFCSTDefault=999, i.e. no long fcst in GDAS step when <999, that would be the interval at which seasonal or longer from gdas initial conditions are made; for example, if gdas_fh=6 runs are made
GDAS_GPPOSTYES: use old post (, NO: nceppost
GDUMPGENERALDump to use for guess files (defaults to $CDFNL, which defaults to "gdas")
generate_ensENKFTRUE = generate internal ensemble based on existing background error
GENPSICHIPOSTGenerate psi (streamfunction) and chi (velocity potential)
gfs_cycFCSTGFS cycles (00, 06, 12, and 18Z) (default=1 - (00Z) cycle)
GFSDUMPDUMPGFS dump subdirectory name and location, usually "$DMPDIR/dump"
gg_tracersFCSTSemilag option
GODAS_DATA_DELAYANALDelay for ocean data in days
GODAS_WNDOANALData window for asymmetric godas
GRID_IDDFCST3D output options
GRID11FCST00gdasFCSTGrib identifier for 00z GDAS forecast output
GRID11FCST06gdasFCSTGrib identifier for 06z GDAS forecast output
GRID11FCST12gdasFCSTGrib identifier for 12z GDAS forecast output
GRID11FCST18gdasFCSTGrib identifier for 18z GDAS forecast output
grid25_1POSTDefine this to interpolate pgb file to 2.5 x 2.5
grid25_2POSTSame as grid25_1 but for segment 2 of post
grid62_1POSTDefine this to interpolate fix file to T62 grid
GROUPGENERALLoadLeveler group (i.e. g01)
group_nameGENERALSimilar to $GROUP
GSIEXECANALGSI executable name and location
GSIFIXDIRANALLocation of GSI fix files
HOMEDIRGENERALHome directory for parallel scripts
HORZ_DIRVRFYDirectory for SAVEFITS output
HPSSTARARCHLocation of hpsstar utility (creates, retrieves, and manages tarfiles on HPSS)
HRKDAYGENERALHours to keep dayfiles in COMROT
HRKOCN_ANLGENERALHours to keep ocean analysis file
HRKOCN_GRBGENERALHours to keep ocean grib output file
HRKRESGENERALHours to keep restart files
HRKROTGENERALHours to keep rotating archive
HRKSIGGENERALHours to keep sigma and sfc fcst files in directory $COMROT
HRKSIGGGENERALHours to keep sigma files from analysis in directory COMROT
HRKTMPGENERALHours to keep tmpdir
HRKVFYGENERALHours to keep verification files in directory COMROT
HYBRIDFCSTSwitch to run hybrid
HYBRID_ENSEMBLEENKFGSI namelist for hybrid ensemble variables
IAERFCST111: with stratospheric aerosol, tropospheric aerosol LW, tropospheric aerosol SW
ialbFCSTFor original albedo, 0: climatology SW albedo based on surface vegetation types, 1: MODIS based land surface albedo
ICO2FCST0: fixed CO2 constant, 1: time varying global mean CO2, 2: changing CO2
ictmFCSTCO2 option for radiation, YYYY#
IDRT_NPPOSTMaster pgb from, 4: gaussian, 0: linear
IDSLFCSTInteger new type of sigma structure, 1: Phillips approach, 2: Henry, plain average
idvc_aFCSTAM vertical coordinate for analysis, 2: sigma-p (Sela), 3: generalized (Juang)
idvc_fFCSTFor hybrid model forecast (2: Joe Sela, 3: Henry Juang)
IDVMFCSTInteger new vertical mass variable ID
idvtFCSTInteger new tracer variable ID; first number: # of cloud species, second number: location of ozone in tracer
IEMSFCST0: blackbody ground emission, 1: climatology on one-deg map
IGENFCSTInteger output generating code (See ON388 Table A), grib output identifier, GFS=82, CFS=197
IGEN_ANLFCSTSame as IGEN but for analysis
IGEN_FCSTFCSTSame as IGEN but for forecast
IGEN_OCNPFCSTSame as IGEN but for ocean analysis
inch_1FCSTInterval of coupled run (default=360)
inch_2FCSTCoupled model interval of increment hour look (segment 2)
io_1FCSTForecast pgb output lon resolution, 1st segment
io_2FCSTForecast pgb output lon resolution, 2nd segment
io_3FCSTForecast pgb output lon resolution, 3rd segment
io_aANALAnalysis pgb output lon and lat resolution
io_saveARCHLongitude dimension for online archive pgb files (defaults to 144... only applies if lower res than posted pgb files)
IOVR_LWFCST0: random cloud overlap for LW, 1: maximum/random cloud overlap for LW
IOVR_SWFCST0: random cloud overlap for SW, 1: maximum/random cloud overlap for SW
ISOLFCST0: fixed solar constant, 1: changing solar constant
ISUBC_LWFCST0: standard LW clouds (no MCICA), 1: prescribed MCICA seeds, 2: random MCICA seeds
ISUBC_SWFCST0: standard SW clouds (no MCICA), 1: prescribed MCICA seeds, 2: random MCICA seeds
IVSFCSTSigma file format (options 198410, 200509 defined in /nwprod/sorc/global_fcst.fd/sigio_module.f)
ivssfcFCSTSurface file version
ivssigFCSTSigma file version
JCAPFCSTWave number (0-192 hr), atmospheric model resolution (spectral truncation), eg. JCAP=382
JCAP_ENKFENKFSpectral resolution for Hybrid EnKF; similar to JCAP
JCAP_ENSENKF$JCAP_ENKF; Project T254 ensemble into linear grid (512x256)
JCAP2FCSTWave number (192-384 hr) for 2nd segment, see $JCAP
JCAP3FCSTWave number (384-540 hr) for 3rd segment, see $JCAP
jo_1FCSTForecast pgb output lat resolution, 1st segment
jo_2FCSTForecast pgb output lat resolution, 2nd segment
jo_3FCSTForecast pgb output lat resolution, 3rd segment
jo_aFCSTAnalysis pgb output lon and lat resolution
jo_saveFCSTLat dimension for online archive pgb files (defaults to 72... only applies if lower res than posted pgb files
JOBSDIRGENERALJob script directory (typically underneath HOMEDIR)
JUST_POSTPOSTTerminate jobs after finishing post
JUST_TSERPOSTExtract just time-series by running post
km_mom4POSTNumber of MOM4 levels
ko_1FCSTForecast pgb output lev resolution, 1st segment
ko_2FCSTForecast pgb output lev resolution, 2nd segment
ko_3FCSTForecast pgb output lev resolution, 3rd segment
ko_aANALAnalysis pgb output lev resolution
kto_1FCSTForecast IPV (isentropic potential vorticity) output resolution, if kto is set to 0, then no IPV output
kto_2FCSTVertical levels for segment 2, post step
kto_3FCSTSame as kto_2 but for segment 3
l_hyb_ensENKFTRUE = turn on hybrid ensemble option
LANLSHANALLand analysis script name and location
LATAANALGrid used by hurricane relocation, analysis grid lat dimension (typically linear gaussian grid)
LATA_ENKFENKFensemble analysis grid lat dimension (typically linear gaussian grid)
LATBFCSTModel grid lat dimension (aka quadratic grid)
LATB_D3DFCST3D diagnostic output grid parameter
LATB_ENKFENKFensemble forecast grid lat dimension (aka quadratic grid)
LATB2FCSTSame as $LATB but for segment 2
LATB3FCSTSame as $LATB but for segment 3
LATCHFCSTInteger number of latitudes to process at one time in global_chgres; defaults to 8 in the code; defaults to 48 in branch parallel scripts; set to 8 in configuration file if you must match production when moving from the 1st to 2nd fcst segment; otherwise, go with the branch parallel script default of 48 to save resources (check current version of global_chgres.fd/chgres.f to confirm the code default; check and reconcile for script default)
ld3d_1FCSTWrite out 3D diagnostics, .false.: no 3D diagnostics
ld3d_2FCST3D diagnostic for segment 2
ld3d_3FCST3D diagnostic for segment 3
ldas_cycANAL0: no ldas cycles (default=0)
LDIAG3DFCSTSwitch for 3D diagnostics (default=false)
LEVSFCSTNumber of atmospheric model vertical levels
LEVS_ENKFENKFNumber of levels in Hybrid EnKF forecasts; similar to LEVS
lg3d_1FCSTGOCART option segment 1 (default=false)
lg3d_2FCSTGOCART option segment 2 (default=false)
lingg_aFCSTSemilag option
lingg_bFCSTSemilag option
liopeFCSTAtmospheric variable for io pes (default=.true.)
LONAFCSTGrid used by hurricane relocation, analysis grid lon dimension (typically linear gaussian grid)
LONA_ENKFENKFensemble analysis grid lon dimension (typically linear gaussian grid)
LONBFCSTModel grid lon dimension (aka quadratic grid)
LONB_D3DFCST3D diagnostic output grid parameter
LONB_ENKFENKFensemble forecast grid lon dimension (aka quadratic grid)
LONB2FCSTSame as $LONB but for segment 2
LONB3FCSTSame as $LONB but for segment 3
LONSPERLATFCSTForecast step, global_lonsperlat text file
lsmFCSTLand surface model, 1: NOAH land model, 0: OSU land model
LSOILFCSTNumber of soil layers
MAKEPREPBUFRSHPREPMakeprepbufr script, created prepbufr
mdlistVRFYExps (up to 10) to compare in maps
MEANDIRAVRGDirectory for monthly means
MFCST00GFSGENERALStarting number for dayfile iterations
mkEvNc4rANALGODAS executable
MODIS_ALBFCSTTo use MODIS based albedo product
MON_AVGAVRGCFS option, monthly averages for long integrations, starts 00z first day of month
MP_PULSECOMPIBM computing resource variable
mppnccombineFCSTLocation and name of cfs_mppnccombine executable
mstratFCSTSwitch to turn on/off Moorthi stratus scheme
MTNVARFCSTThe global_mtnvar fortran code
NARRSNOANALHow snow assimilation is performed, North American Reanalysis
NCEPPOSTPOSTSwitch to use NCEP post (default=YES)
NCPGENERALLocation of ncp utility
ncwFCSTFor Ferrier microphysics
n_ensENKFnumber of ensemble members
NEW_DAYFILEGENERALTo create new dayfile for every rerun
newoz_nrlFCSTYES: use NRL ozone production and loss coefficients (default=YES)
NGPTCFCSTFor operational GFS, not reproducible with different NGPTC; number of horizontal points computed in the same call inside radiation and physics (defaults to JCAP/10)
nknd_fcstFCSTFor hindcasts from segment 2 only
NLAT_AANALAnalysis grid parameter, JCAP > 574
NLAT_ENSENKF`expr $LATA_ENKF + 2`; Project T254 ensemble into linear grid (512x256)
NLON_AANALAnalysis grid parameter, JCAP > 574
NLON_ENSENKF$LONA_ENKF; Project T254 ensemble into linear grid (512x256)
NMEM_ENSENKF$ENS_NUM_ENKF; Project T254 ensemble into linear grid (512x256)
NOANALANALNO: run analysis and forecast, YES: no analysis (default=NO)
NOFCSTFCSTNO: run analysis and forecast, YES: no forecast (default=NO)
npe_node_aANALNumber of PEs/node for atmospheric analysis with GSI
npe_node_angANGUNumber of PEs/node for global_angupdate
npe_node_avAVRGNumber of PEs/node for avrg
npe_node_fFCSTNumber of PEs/node for AM forecast
npe_node_oANALNumber of PEs/node for ocean analysis
npe_node_poPOSTNumber of PEs/node for post step (default=16)
npe_node_prPREPNumber of PEs/node for prep step (default=32 for dew/mist/haze)
nproco_1FCSTNumber of processors for ocean model 1st segment
nproco_2FCSTNumber of processors for ocean model 2nd segment
nproco_3FCSTNumber of processors for ocean model 3rd segment
NRLACQCPREPNRL aircraft QC, if="YES" will quality control all aircraft data
nsoutFCSTOutputs every AM time step when =1 (default=0)
NSST_ACTIVEFCSTNST_FCST, 0: AM only, no NST model, 1: uncoupled, non-interacting, 2: coupled, interacting
nth_f1FCSTThreads for AM 1st segment
nth_f2FCSTThreads for AM 2nd segment
nth_f3FCSTThreads for AM 3rd segment
NTHREADS_GSIANALNumber of threads for anal
NTHSTACKFCSTStacks for fcst step (default=128000000)
NTHSTACK_GSIANALStack size for anal (default=128000000)
NUMPROCANALANALNumber of tasks for GDAS anal
NUMPROCANALGDASANALNumber of tasks for GDAS anal
NUMPROCANALGFSANALNumber of tasks for GFS anal
NWPRODGENERALOption to point executable to nwprod versions
O3CLIMFCSTLocation and name of global_o3clim text file
O3FORCFCSTLocation and name of global_o3prdlos fortran code
OANLSHANALOcean analysis script
OBSQCENKFGSI namelist for observation quality control variables
OCN2GRIBEXECPOSTOcean to grib executable
OCNMEANDIRAVRGDirectory for ocn monthly means
ocnp_delay_1POSTOM post delay time
ocnp_delay_2POSTOM post delay time
OCNPSHPOSTOcean post script
OIQCTPREPPrep step prepobs_oiqc.oberrs file
oisst_climANALOcean analysis fix field
OM_EXECFCSTOcean model executable
omres_1FCSTOcean 1st segment model resolution (0.5 x 0.25) and number of processors
omres_2FCSTOcean 2nd segment model resolution (0.5 x 0.25) and number of processors
omres_3FCSTOcean 3rd segment model resolution (0.5 x 0.25) and number of processors
OPANAL_06ANALFor old ICs without LANDICE, only applicable for starting from existing analysis
OPREPSHPREPOcean analysis prep script
OROGRAPHYFCSTGlobal orography grib file
OUT_VIRTTEMPFCSTOutput into virtual temperature (true)
OUTTYP_GPPOST1: gfsio, 2: sigio, 0: both
OUTTYP_NPPOST1: gfsio, 2: sigio, 0: both
OVERPARMEXECPOSTCFS overparm grib executable
oz_univ_staticENKFTRUE = decouple ozone from other variables and defaults to static B (ozone only)
OZINFOANALOzone info file
PARATRKRTRAKScript location
PARM_OMPREPOcean model parm files
PARM_PREPPREPPrep step parm files
PCONFIGSGENERALFor running in real-time, configuration file
PENDGENERALLocation of pend script
pfacFCSTForecasting computing variable
pgb_typ4prepPREPType of pgb file for prep step (default=pgbf)
pgbf_gdasPOSTGDAS pgbf file resolution, 4: 0.5 x 0.5 degree, 3: 1 x 1 degree
PMKRGENERALNeeded for parallel scripts
polist_37POSTOutput pgb (pressure grib) file levels
polist_47POSTOutput pgb (pressure grib) file levels
post_delay_1POSTAM post delay time
post_delay_2POSTAM post delay time
POST_SHAREDPOSTShare nodes (default=YES)
POSTGPEXEC_GPPOSTPost executable, for enthalpy version
POSTGPEXEC_NPPOSTPost executable, ncep post
POSTGPVARSNPPOSTSimilar to FCSTVARS but for post variables
POSTSPLPOSTSpecial CFSRR analysis file created for CPC diagnostics
PRECIP_DATA_DELAYANALDelay for precip data in hours (for global lanl)
PREPDIRPREPLocation of prep files/codes/scripts, usually $HOMEDIR
PREPFIXDIRPREPLocation of prep fix files
PREPQFITSHPREPName and location of a prep script
PREPSHPREPName and location of main prep script
PREXPREPPrevents executable
PROCESS_TROPCYPREPSwitch, if YES: run QCTROPCYSH script (default ush/
PRPCPREPPrep parm file
PRPTPREPPrep bufr table
PRPXPREPPrepdata executable
PRVTPREPGlobal error table for prep
PSTXPREPPrep step, global_postevents executable
PSUBGENERALLocation of psub script
q2run_1FCSTAdditional queue for fcst segment 1
q2run_2FCSTAdditional queue for fcst segment 2
QCAXPREPPrep step, prepobs_acarsqc executable
r2ts_climANALOcean analysis fix field
rasFCSTConvection parameter, relaxed
readfi_execFCSTCFS sea ice executable
readin_localizationENKFTRUE = read external localization information file
readsst_execFCSTCFS sea ice executable
RECONCILEGENERALLocation of reconcile script
regrid_execFCSTCFS sea ice executable
RELOCATESHPREPName and location of relocation script
RELOXPREPName and location of relocation executable
RESDIRGENERALRestart directory
RESUBMITGENERALTo resubmit a failed job (default=NO)
RLISTGENERALList that controls input and output of files for each step
RM_G3DOUTFCSTFor GOCART related special output
RM_ORIG_G3DFCSTFor GOCART related special output
RTMAEROANALLocation of CRTM aerosol coefficient bin file
RTMCLDSANALLocation of CRTM cloud coefficient bin file
RTMEMISANALLocation of CRTM emissivity coefficient bin file
RTMFIXANALLocation of CRTM fix file(s)
RUN_ENTHALPYFCSTControl the forecast model (default=NO)
RUN_OPREPPREPYES: run ocean prep to get tmp.prf and sal.prf
RUN_RTDUMPANALYES: archived tmp.prf and sal.prf used
rundirGENERALVerification run directory
RUNLOGGENERALThe experiment runlog
SATANGLANALName and location of satangbias file
SATINFOANALName and location of satinfo file
SAVEFITSVRFYFit to obs scores
SBUVBFANALLocation and naming convention of osbuv8 data file
SCRDIRGENERALScripts directory (typically underneath $HOMEDIR)
scrubtypGENERALScrub or noscrub
semilagFCSTSemilag option
SEND2WEBVRFYWhether or not to send maps to webhost
s_env_hENKFhomogeneous isotropic horizontal ensemble localization scale (km)
s_env_vENKFvertical localization scale (grid units for now)
SET_FIX_FLDSCOPYOnly useful wit; create orographic and MODIS albedo related fix fields if they don't exist
SETUPANALGSI setup namelist
SHDIRGENERALSimilar to SCRDIR, just a directory setting
sice_rstrt_execFCSTSea ice executable
SICEUPDATESHFCSTSea ice update script
SIGGESENVENKFtemplate for ensemble member sigma guess files
SLMASKFCSTGlobal slmask data file, also see $FNMASK
snoidANALSnow id (default=snod)
SSMITBFANALSSM/I bufr radiace dataset
sst_ice_climANALFix fields for ocean analysis
SSTICECLIMANALOcean analysis fix field
SUBGENERALLocation of sub script
SYNDATAPREPSwitch (default=YES)
SYNDXPREPSyndat file, prep step
tasksFCSTNumber of tasks for 1st segment of forecast
tasks2FCSTNumber of tasks for 2nd segment of forecast
tasks3FCSTNumber of tasks for 3rd segment of forecast
tasksp_1POSTNumber of PEs for 1st segment of post
tasksp_2POSTNumber of PEs for 2nd segment of post
tasksp_3POSTNumber of PEs for 3rd segment of post
thlist_16POSTOutput theta levels
TIMEAVGEXECAVRGExecutable location
TIMEDIRGENERALDirectory for time series of selected variables
TIMELIMANALANALWall clock time for AM analysis
TIMELIMAVRGAVRGCPU limit (hhmmss) for averaging
TIMEMEANEXECAVRGExecutable location
TOPDIRGENERALTop directory, defaults to '/global' on CCS or '/mtb' on Vapor if not defined
TOPDRAGENERALTop directory, defaults to '/global' on CCS or '/mtb' on Vapor if not defined
TOPDRCGENERALTop directory, defaults to '/global' on CCS or '/mtb' on Vapor if not defined
TOPDRGGENERALTop directory, defaults to '/global' on CCS or '/mtb' on Vapor if not defined
TRACKERSHTRAKTracker script location
TSER_FCSTFCSTExtract time-series of selected output variables
USE_RESTARTGENERALUse restart file under COMROT/RESTART if run is interrupted
USHDIRGENERALUsh directory (typically underneath HOMEDIR)
USHGETGESPREPDirectory location of script
USHSYNDPREPDirectory, usually "$PREPDIR/ush"
uv_hyb_ensENKFTRUE = ensemble perturbation wind variables are u,v
FALSE = ensemble perturbation wind variables are stream function and velocity potential
VBACKUP_PRCPVRFYHours to delay precip verification
VDUMPVRFYVerifying dump
vlengthVRFYVerification length in hours (default=384)
VRFY_ALL_SEGVRFYNO: submit vrfy only once at the end of all segments, YES: submit for all segments (default=YES)
vrfy_delay_1VRFYAM verification delay time (in hhmm) for segment 1
vrfy_delay_2VRFYAM verification delay time for segment 2
VRFYPRCPVRFYPrecip threat scores
VRFYSCORVRFYAnomaly correlations, etc.
VRFYTRAKVRFY & TRAKHurricane tracks
VSDB_START_DATEVRFYStarting date for vsdb maps
VSDB_STEP1VRFYCompute stats in vsdb format (default=NO)
VSDB_STEP2VRFYMake vsdb-based maps (default=NO)
vsdbhomeVRFYScript home (default=$HOMEDIR/vsdb)
vsdbsaveVRFYPlace to save vsdb database
WEBDIRVRFYDirectory on web server (rzdm) for verification output
webhostVRFYWebhost (rzdm) computer
webhostidVRFYWebhost (rzdm) user name
yzdirVRFYAdditional verification directory, based on personal directory of Yuejian Zhu
zflxtvdFCSTVertical advection scheme
zhao_micFCSTTRUE: Zhao microphysics option, FALSE: Ferrier microphysics
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