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! Abstract: This program prints information from the surface header.
global_sfchdr can be found at:
Usage: global_sfchdr sfcfile <variable.list >value.list or global_sfchdr sfcfile variable >value or global_sfchdr sfcfile
Running sfchdr with no additional arguments (other than the input file) as in the last example allows for keyboard input of multiple variables, one at a time, until the program is interrupted (eg, via CTRL-c). Enter "?" (without the quotes) as standard input and the possible input values will be printed. Description of those possible values follows: filetype - description ("GFS/SFC") fhour - forecast hour ifhr - integral forecast hour as string idate - initial date (YYYYMMDDHH) iyr - initial year imo - initial month idy - initial day ihr - initial hour vdate - valid date (YYYYMMDDHH) vyr - valid year vmo - valid month vdy - valid day vhr - valid hour latb - number of latitudes lonb - number of longitudes ivs - version number lsoil - number of soil levels irealf - floating point flag (=1 for 4-byte ieee, =2 for 8-byte ieee) lpl - number of longitudes for each latitude zsoil - soil depths (in meters)