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Files used in Global Model parallel scripts

As of November 7, 2000, the global parallels are run on the NCEP IBM SP Phase II computer and that is where its files reside. Many of the parallel files are in GRIB or BUFR formats, the WMO standard for gridded and ungridded meteorological data, respectively. Other parallel files such as restart files are in flat binary format, and are not generally intended to be accessed by the general user.

Unfortunately but predictably, the global parallel follows a different file naming convention than the operational file naming convention. (The global parallel file naming convention started in 1990 and predates the operational file naming convention.)

The global parallel file naming convention is a filetype followed by a period, the run (gdas or gfs), and the 10-digit current date $CDATE in YYYYMMDDHH form. (Eg, pgbf06.gfs.2008060400). Some names may have a suffix, for instance if the file is compressed.

For the sake of users that are accustomed to working with production files or those who want to do comparisons, the equivalent production file name info is included here. Production file naming convention is the run followed by a period, the cycle name, followed by a period, and the filetype. (Eg, gfs.t00z.pgrbf06). In the table below, only the filetype is listed for production names.

The files are divided into the categories restart files, oberservation files, and diagnostic files. Some files may appear in more than one category. Some verification files in the diagnostics table do not include a run qualifier.

For more information on dump data types (as seen in production) click here.

Restart files
glopara filename file description production base name
(eg, gdas1.t00z .prepbufr)
prepqc.$CDUMP.$CDATE Conventional Observations with quality control prepbufr BUFR
biascr.$CDUMP.$CDATE Time dependent sat bias correction file abias text
satang.$CDUMP.$CDATE Angle dependent sat bias correction satang text
sfcanl.$CDUMP.$CDATE surface analysis sfcanl binary
siganl.$CDUMP.$CDATE atmospheric analysis (aka sigma file) sanl binary
sfcf$FF.$CDUMP.$CDATE surface boundary condition at forecast hour $FF bf$FF binary
sig$FF.$CDUMP.$CDATE atmospheric model data at forecast hour $FF sf$FF binary
pgbanl.$CDUMP.$CDATE pressure level data from analysis pgrbanl GRIB
pgbf$FF.$CDUMP.$CDATE pressure level data from forecast hour $FF pgrbf$FF GRIB

Observation files
glopara filename file description production base name
(eg, gdas1.t00z.engicegrb)
icegrb.$CDUMP.$CDATE Sea Ice Analysis engicegrb GRIB
snogrb.$CDUMP.$CDATE Snow Analysis snogrb GRIB
snogrb_t382.$CDUMP.$CDATE Snow Analysis on T382 grid snogrb_t382 GRIB
sstgrb.$CDUMP.$CDATE Sea Surface Temperature Analysis sstgrb GRIB
tcvitl.$CDUMP.$CDATE Tropical Storm Vitals syndata.tcvitals.tm00 text
adpsfc.$CDUMP.$CDATE Surface land adpsfc.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
adpupa.$CDUMP.$CDATE Upper-air adpupa.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
proflr.$CDUMP.$CDATE Wind Profiler proflr.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
aircar.$CDUMP.$CDATE MDCRS ACARS Aircraft aircar.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
aircft.$CDUMP.$CDATE Aircraft aircft.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
sfcshp.$CDUMP.$CDATE Surface marine sfcshp.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
sfcbog.$CDUMP.$CDATE Mean Sea-level Pressure bogus reports sfcbog.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
satwnd.$CDUMP.$CDATE Satellite-derived wind repors satwnd.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
vadwnd.$CDUMP.$CDATE VAD (NEXRAD) wind vadwnd.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
goesnd.$CDUMP.$CDATE GOES Satellite data goesnd.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
spssmi.$CDUMP.$CDATE SSM/I Retrievals spssmi.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
sptrmm.$CDUMP.$CDATE TRMM sptrmm.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
erscat.$CDUMP.$CDATE ERS erscat.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
qkswnd.$CDUMP.$CDATE QuikScat qkswnd.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
osbuvb.$CDUMP.$CDATE SBUV layer ozone product (Version 6) osbuv.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
osbuv8.$CDUMP.$CDATE SBUV layer ozone product (Version 8) osbuv8.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
mtiasi.$CDUMP.$CDATE METOP-2 IASI 1C radiance data (variable channels) mtiasi.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
ascatw.$CDUMP.$CDATE METOP 50 KM ASCAT scatterometer data (reprocessed by wave_dcodquikscat) ascatw.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
geoimr.$CDUMP.$CDATE GOES 11x17 fov imager clear radiances geoimr.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
1bmsu.$CDUMP.$CDATE MSU NCEP-processed brightness temps 1bmsu.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
1bhrs2.$CDUMP.$CDATE HIRS-2 NCEP-processed brightness temps 1bhrs2.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
1bhrs3.$CDUMP.$CDATE HIRS-3 NCEP-processed brightness temps 1bhrs3.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
1bamua.$CDUMP.$CDATE AMSU-A NCEP-proc. br. temps 1bamua.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
1bamub.$CDUMP.$CDATE AMSU-B NCEP-processed brightness temps 1bamub.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
airs.$CDUMP.$CDATE AQUA AIRS/AMSU-A/HSB proc. btemps-center FOV airs.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
airswm.$CDUMP.$CDATE AQUA-AIRS AIRS/AMSU-A/HSB proc btemps-warmest FOV airswm.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
ssmit.$CDUMP.$CDATE SSM/I brightness temperatures ssmit.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
1bhrs4.$CDUMP.$CDATE HIRS-4 1b radiances 1bhrs4.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
1bmhs.$CDUMP.$CDATE MHS NCEP-processed br. temp 1bmhs.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
airsev.$CDUMP.$CDATE AQUA-AIRS AIRS/AMSU-A/HSB proc. btemps- every FOV airsev.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
goesfv.$CDUMP.$CDATE GOES 1x1 fov sounder radiances goesfv.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
gpsro.$CDUMP.$CDATE GPS radio occultation data gpsro.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
gpsipw.$CDUMP.$CDATE GPS - Integrated Precipitable Water gpsipw.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
wdsatr.$CDUMP.$CDATE WindSat scatterometer data from NESDIS (reprocessed) wdsatr.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
wndsat.$CDUMP.$CDATE WindSat scatterometer data from FNMOC wndsat.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
rassda.$CDUMP.$CDATE Radio Acoustic Sounding System Temp Profiles rassda.tm00.bufr_d BUFR
statup.$CDUMP.$CDATE Summary updated.status.tm00.bufr_d text
stat01.$CDUMP.$CDATE Bufr status status.tm00.bufr_d text
stat02.$CDUMP.$CDATE Satellite status status.tm00.ieee_d text

Diagnostic Files
glopara filename file description production base name
(eg, gdas1.t00z .gsistat)
gsistat.$CDUMP.$CDATE gsi (obs-ges), qc, and iteration statistics gsistat text
radstat.$CDUMP.$CDATE radiance assimilation statistics radstat binary
cnvstat.$CDUMP.$CDATE conventional observation assimilation statistics cnvstat binary
oznstat.$CDUMP.$CDATE ozone observation assimilation statistics oznstat binary
pcpstat.$CDUMP.$CDATE precipitation assimilation statistics pscpstat binary
flxf$FF.$CDUMP.$CDATE Model fluxes at forecast hour $FF fluxgrbf$FF GRIB
logf$FF.$CDUMP.$CDATE Model logfile at forecast hour $FF logf$FF text
tcinform_relocate.$CDUMP.$CDATE storm relocation information -- text
tcvitals_relocate.$CDUMP.$CDATE tropical cyclone vitals -- text
prepqc.$CDUMP.$CDATE Conventional Observations with quality control prepbufr BUFR
prepqa.gdas.$CDATE Observations with quality control plus analysis -- BUFR
prepqf.gdas.$CDATE Observations with quality control plus forecast -- BUFR
adpsfc.anl.$CDATE Surface observation and analysis fit file -- GrADS
adpsfc.fcs.$CDATE Surface observation and forecast fit file -- GrADS
adpupa.mand.anl.$CDATE Rawinsonde observation and analysis fit file -- GrADS
adpupa.mand.fcs.$CDATE Rawinsonde observation and forecast fit file -- GrADS
sfcshp.anl.$CDATE Ship observation and analysis fit file -- GrADS
sfcshp.fcs.$CDATE Ship observation and forecast fit file -- GrADS

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